Ondemand Webinar

How to present cleaning validation data for successful audits in 2022

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Proving the effectiveness of cleaning procedures during audits to regulators or customers has become a challenging task due to:

  • Increased regulatory expectations based on recent HBEL guidelines
  • Maintaining a large volume of data across multiple spreadsheets & paper-records
  • A limited number of Subject Matter Experts available during Audits

In this webinar, we’ll see the new digital way of managing & presenting the following using the CLEEN application built on the Leucine No-code platform:

  • Visualize Limit Calculations and Worst-Case Rankings methodology with beautiful purpose-built Reports
  • Present trends of residue results and prove the effectiveness of cleaning procedures using statistical analysis
  • Present product-specific Reports & Risk Assessments to Customers
  • Tracking of historical Validation & Verification studies and their results

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