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Cleaning Validation FDA Audit Readiness: 100-point checklist based on FDA Audits in 2022

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FDA audits in 2022 have surfaced significant problems when it comes to Cleaning Validation. In order to prepare for your next audit, you want to check all the boxes. Use the new 100-point audit-readiness checklist designed by CLEEN experts based on first-hand experience of several FDA audits in 2022.

Our product experts will take you through a structured 100-point checklist to bulletproof your audit readiness in this webinar.

This checklist will guide you through 5 different aspects of your company's cleaning quality procedures and systems including:

  1. Risk Assessment
  2. SOP & Training
  3. Protocol Design & Execution
  4. Routine Monitoring
  5. Data Integrity

At the end of the webinar, the participants will receive the 100-point checklist sent to them via email so make sure that you register for the webinar and invite your team members.

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