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Product Changeover

E2E business process orchestration for product changeover

Reduce product changeover time by 37%
Digital Work Instructions

Author changeover work instructions with built-in compliance interlocks

No-Code Process Builder transforms your paper-based procedures rapidly into digitally signed, self-executing work instructions that leverage digitally captured data and verifiable process workflow.
Built-in Compliance Protocols ensure that your process-specific cGMP regulations are met and your procedural controls are self-enforced by design.
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Collaborative Execution

Perform cleaning, remote verifications, sampling & review by exception

Task demonstrations: Changeover Jobs are generated and assigned to available Operators. Operators execute these Jobs using mobile devices. They consume Task Demonstrations as Images and Videos and capture critical process data and work proofs by taking pictures during runtime. Subsequently, Visual Inspection and Sample Collection happen within the platform.
Review by Exception: Supervisors consume auto-generated Job Summary Reports that highlight relevant exceptions and efficiency metrics, and enable review-by-exception.
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Unified Facility Analytics

Analyze efficiency & quality of changeovers

Changeover efficiency: Bring in Digital Transparency via Facility-level Dashboards across various aspects like Live Tracking, Durations, Exceptions, and Critical Process Parameters. Identify trends on time it is taking to execute Changeovers and realize areas of improvement.
Benchmarking: All processes are benchmarked automatically using built-in algorithms. This ensures that your plants are running close to the design capacity, leading to higher manufacturing opportunities.
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