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Unified Facility Analytics

Purpose-built out-of-box analytics that delivers outcomes from day one

Enterprise & facility level widgets that show you insights never seen before

Analyze efficiency & quality of your regulated processes

Digital Transparency via facility-level dashboards across various aspects like Live Tracking, Durations, Exceptions and Critical Process Parameters. Identify trends of time & resources it takes to perform critical processes such as manufacturing, changeover, sampling, and more.
Benchmarking: All processes are benchmarked automatically using built-in algorithms. This ensures that your plants are running close to the design capacity, leading to higher manufacturing opportunity.
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Ensure proactive compliance via real-time monitoring & interlocks

Live tracking: of ongoing work instructions on a single pane of glass for Supervisors and Managers who can monitor them in real-time and intervene whenever necessary. Escalations happen proactively to ensure that compliance & efficiency benchmarks are not breached.
Review by Exception: Supervisors consume auto-generated Job Summary Reports that highlight relevant exceptions and efficiency metrics, and enable review-by-exception.
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All compliance data in one place, present during audits for consistent success

Built-in Audit Portal is used to present reports & data during regulatory audits. Reports provide a holistic view of the critical aspects of Cleaning Validation such as CPPs, CQAs, CMAs and more.
Product-specific reports are useful to analyze the 360-degree performance of a manufacturing procedure for a given product. CDMOs can present these reports during Customer Audits for their products.
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