AI Co-pilot for Pharma Manufacturing


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Turn your shop floor into a facility of the future

Leucine10xTM eliminates manual work, speeds up root cause analysis, identifies potential deviations and so much more

10X /Assist

Chat to find critical insights and create reports

  • Ask questions about your data in natural language
  • Build custom reports and dashboards just by asking questions
  • Delight Auditors with smooth audits

10X /Chat

Empower your teams with AI Assistants

  • Hyper-contextualized AI Agents help with teams take decisions based on data and process
  • Agents suggest actionable for pre-built goals
  • Digitize any SOP, BMR in less than 2 hours

10X /Detect

Detect blockers for efficiency and compliance

  • Identify opportunities to increase production availability
  • Perform batch simulations and achieve golden parameters
  • Perform RCA and generate CAPA

Key Use Cases

Audit Ready Reporting

Dynamic Planning

Root Cause Analysis

BMR Creation